5G Not Linked To Coronavirus - Idayat Hassan

5G Not Linked To Coronavirus - Idayat Hassan

The Director of the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) , Idayat Hassan, has dismissed the rising claims and beliefs people have which links the new 5G network with COVID 19 outbreak.

She pointed out that social media users (mostly Facebook users) have continued to spread false information about the new network, claiming that it is the cause of the ongoing pandemic.

She dismissed the claims and went on to say that the new 5G network does not cause coronavirus. She further explained that there was no scientific connection between the introduction or installation of the 5G network and the Coronavirus pandemic.

She also made known that no Nigerian network provider was transmitting on the 5G network as the government is yet to issue a license to any of them to do so.

She urged the general public to be wary of influential persons peddling such unfounded conspiracy theories.

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