Governor Willie Obiano Special Broadcast To Anambra Citizens

Governor Willie Obiano Special Broadcast To Anambra Citizens

The Governor of Anambra State, Cheif Willie Obiano, yesterday made a broadcast to Anambra State citizens on the coronavirus pandemic.

In his opening speech, he made known that the first post-treatment test of the COVID-19 Index Case in Anambra State had returned negative. He also noted he has asked the Commissioner of Health to discharge the Index Case from the Protective Care Center.

He made known that samples of the 36 remaining people that had direct contact with the Index Case have been submitted.

He also made known that the danger was not yet over and that the state boundary was still closed.

He made known that face masks were now compulsory in the state, and anyone who comes out in public without a face mask will be guilty of breaking the Anambra State Protocol on COVID-19.

He encouraged citizens to make their masks to ensure availability of masks

He also made known that the wholesale medical drug market (aka Ndi Ogbo Ogwu) in Onitsha was permitted to open only on Tuesdays and Fridays and that any stores/shops located in the markets not dealing on food items or medical drugs remain closed.

In his closing address, he commended the healthcare workers and charged every Anambra Citizens to remain committed in the fight against the pandemic.

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